Who’s That Girl?


While in art school, my first visit to New York was by way of a Greyhound Bus.  The Manhattan skyline filled me with a wonderment that was unlike any MTV music video, old movie or book I had ever read during my youth that had led me there.  

My unimpressive entry level position was relatively thankless in New York's Garment District.  I was 21 years old and wouldn't trade that experience for anything!  As a result, I have fondly called this city home since 1989.   


Stepping back a bit...

I grew up a middle class kid in Texas.  My parents, a retired aerial cartographer and an art museum docent, lead by example to each of their six children.  They provided us with a house of my dad’s design, filled with creativity, independent thinking and seemingly endless encouragement. 

Having a strong work ethic in combination with mentorship was taught to us at home and in school.  The student council forged an admiration of community outreach with my artistic endeavors at a young age.


Fast forward to today.

I am a fashion designer by profession.  This is something I have enjoyed my entire career, yet embrace many interests that always seem to keep me on my toes.  (Literally.  I am an avid runner!) 

With no kids of my own and an appreciation for the betterment of us all, I take a special interest in causes that assist in change and/or sustainability.  My hope is to someday have a charitable foundation. 

Oh wait... I do!  Check out marisoldelunafoundation.org.  I like to believe my designs are more meaningful than a “Little Black Dress”.